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eXpress Web Site Builder

Have you used a web site builder that gives you an output like this :

poorly developed web site sample
Not professionally designed web site

There is nothing wrong with the web sites above but do you think it is good enough to convince people to deal with you online? Do you think the designs look professional enough?

When you do business via the internet, most likely your web site will be the primary way you interact with potential customers and clients. Hence, it is very important that your web site convey a professional image!

If that make sense to you and you are looking for a web site builder that can gives you something like samples below, please read further as we'll change your mind about web development and online business startup.:

* These sample web sites are developed by using eXpress Website Builder

You do not need to pay thousands of dollar just to get a web site up. Now there is a better way to get your web site ready and let you start selling online in minutes.

Introducing eXpress Website Builder (EWB) from eXpressICT.com, the only web development tool you ever need. We have more than 100 predefined templates created by professional graphic designers and easy to use features included in your EWB account to make your web development process as easy as 1, 2, 3! 
(Web hosting feature & online web site development tool included)

and more...


For less than $0.49/per page monthly, you can have an online based web development tool that allows you to develop a web site quickly, using just a computer equipped with internet access and web browser software that supports javascript. Absolutely no web programming required to develop a web site by using EWB.

If you are not sure you can handle this by yourself, you are welcome to join our web development training that will be held daily in our new training center at Kelana Square, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
We work 7 days a week just to serve you better!

Wondering what makes eXpressICT.com one of the best online web development tools in town?

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Click Here to view complete features of eXpress Website Builder(EWB) and find out how these features can benefit you.

View EWB system screen shots to get better idea how this marvelous online web development tool works!

Basic EWB Plans

Basic and Affordable Professional Web Site BuilderFor people who would like to spend less than $88.99 for a simple but professional looking web site
The most cost effective way to own a web site
Includes all basic features with advanced user friendly control panel!

Full Featured EWB Plans

Full Feature Business Class Web Site BuilderFor users who needs complete EWB package with all the features require to run a professional web site and online business.
We develop, you manage concept.
With personal e-mail server, fully customized personal EWB template and More..

EWB with eXpress eBusiness and Web Site Management Training

Comprehensive Rapid Web Site Development and Management TrainingGet extra 30 days EWB usage for FREE when you join our eXpress Web Development and Managemnet Training.

We changed the way you build a Professional Quality Web Site. Now we will change the way you manage the web site and sell online!


Why our services are more expensive than some other IT companies?
Our price is indeed a little higher but so is our quality of our services and efficiency of our support team. We can assure that you will get the best service out of the dollars you paid.

You have never heard of our services/company before and skeptical about it.
The services we provide have been benefiting many users since year 2005. It is new to you because our services were officially launched in Malaysia and Singapore recently (August 2006).

Do take some time to check the services we provide and contact us if you are not able to find the information you need from our official web site.

You are interested to use EWB but not really comfortable with shared templates?
No worries. We can customize a personal EWB template according to your personal or business needs at very affordable rate. You only have to pay initial development fee and there will be no service charge to maintain the template files in the server.

Why we do not have thousand of templates to choose?
According to our years of experience, most users/webmasters will never change the web site template more than 3 times a year. So, do you think you really need 1000 of simple templates as offered by other providers?

Do spend a minute to think of this. If you are given these two options, which one you will choose :
Option A) 1000 simple looking web site templates with different color (other service providers)
Option B) More than 100 professionally designed web site templates (EWB)

If I were you, I will go for option B, with eXpressICT.com. Trust us, you will never need thousand of simple templates as offered by others. EWB templates can make your web site looks professional all year long. No change of template required.

Not happy with your current web site or application service provider?
Wait no more!
Transfer your web services to us and get something better out of your dollars now!

* Number of items can be inserted depends on the availability of account storage.

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