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Be our business partner and extra extra income round the clock

Referral Program
No registration required.

eXpress ICT Client - 20% of the total amount paid/referral
Non-eXpress ICT who refers client to us will get up to 15% of the amount paid/referral

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Reseller Program (with Private Label and End User Support)
Want to start an online business by selling online applications and e-business services?
If you have the passion to be Internet Services Provider (ASP) but afraid you are not good enough or have no experience providing professional technical support to your clients, worry no more.

eXpress ICT Business Reseller Program allows you to rebrand our services and sell it at your own price. Besides, you don't have to pay thousands of dollar to hire your own technical support team to assist your clients or to get you started. All you need to do is sell as much as you could and we will provide technical support to you and your clients at no extra charge.
We will be your second tier technical support.*

Now you can be Internet Application Service and ICT Solutions Provider like eXpressICT.com without having to form your own technical support team.n.
Our Reseller Plans include:
- Private Label - Resell our services by using your own brand
- Full control over the accounts of your clients - with Express Update Assistance. Anonymous support team.
- You set and control the prices - No IT skills required. You sell, We Support
- Customize your own plans according to your clients' needs
- Professional end user support from eXpress Support Team
- Ready to use reseller web site that allows you to start selling in a day (optional)
- Up to 30% off the normal services fee

We offer the following Reseller Plans:

EWB Reseller - with Private Label
Multi-tier reselling allowed!
- Setup fee : $147.99

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Linux Hosting - with Private Label
- Starts from $26.99/month

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