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Premium Web Hosting Services

Looking for a reliable web hosting services provider to host your web site?
eXpressICT.com offers high performance Windows and Linux based hosting packages that give you fast, secure, and dependable server and internet connection to your web site at an affordable rate.

For less than $5.99 per month, you can offer your web site visitors the best possible web experience and response time. Besides, you will get one of the best web hosting control panel in the industry to manage your web site, up to date software (pre-installed online applications that can be activated by a click*), latest hardware (used in the data center) and highly trained and knowledgeable support team to monitor your web site 24 hours a day 7 days week.

Do enjoy total peace of mind hosting with us. eXpress Support Team will make sure your web site is running smooth and up all the time.

Select the web server platform you prefer below to find out more about the hosting packages we offer. If you are not sure which plan is ideal for you, feel free to talk to us. We are happy to assist you selecting the right plan.

eXpress Linux Based Hosting

Feature rich hosting plans with next generation web hosting control panel system to allows you to control your hosting easily and effectively.
We offer more than just hosting feature to you!

eXpress Windows Based Hosting

Solid hosting plans with platform that automates all of the day-to-day tasks. Experience the benefits of microsoft technologies & HELM.
FREE Microsoft SQL DB!

Corporate Web Hosting

Top Class Business Web Hosting ServiceLooking for a solid server with best specifications and resources usage that are strictly monitored by network administrator to host your very important web site and online applications?

Click here
to find out more about eXpress Corporate Web Hosting service.

- Most Powerful & Reliable Business Class Web Server -

Hosting Reseller Program
If you need more than 1 hosting account, wish to have total control of all your accounts under one control panel and resell web hosting space to your prospects to gain extra profit, we have a solution for you.WebHost Manager - Best Web Hosting Control Panel

eXpress Web Hosting Reseller plan includes everything you need to start selling web hosting services to your prospects. Overselling is allowed in our servers and that means you can earn/get more with what you pay for!


Interested to use our services but prefer to have a cheaper package?

We do appreciate your business but we have to apologize as we do not really offer extremely cheap hosting or too good to be true offers to gain web hosting market shares.

We always work hard to ensure you get the best out of the dollars invested and none of our servers' services are oversold even we priced our packages competitively.

* Applicable to Linux platform hosting only

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