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eXpress e-Mail Broadcasting
eXpress eMail Broadcasting (XEB)is the most cost-effective way to build and manage customer relationships. XEB allows you to send e-mail newsletters, announcements, and other vital communications quickly, easily, and securely.  

Build and Manage Your Lists
     •  Create a list sign-up form in minutes
     •  Import existing e-mail lists
     •  Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe
contacts as desired
     •  Confirm opt-in subscribers
     •  Manipulate and segment customer information based on interests, demographics, or customized questions
Create Campaigns
     •  Automatically format and deliver HTML, text e-mail or multipart
     •  Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe links created for message
     •  Image Manager lets up upload and store your images in EEB Send
     •  Online HTML tool allows you to create rich HTML emails with ease.
     •  No advertising footer on custom emails.
Send and Track
     •  Anti-Spam, Can Spam Act Compliant
     •  Target e-mails based on interests, demographics, or custom questions
     •  Personalize each e-mail automatically
     •  Send preview e-mail to yourself
     •  Schedule date and time to send your e-mail messages
     •  Automatically track and flag invalid e-mail addresses (Bounce Management)
     •  Export list information
     •  Live click tracking reports for each link in your message (including who clicked on each link and when)
     •  Track message reads in real time
     •  View detailed reports online or export to spreadsheet format
     •  View complaints, if any for your email blasts
Advanced Features
     •  Unlimited List / Database Fields
     •  Demographic Reporting and Analysis
     •  Automated Email Date-Based Triggering and Scheduling
     •  Focus groups / AB Testing
     •  Complex querying using nested AND/OR
     •  Private Identifier (IP Address) for your company's email blasts

Optional services :
Create e-newsletter/e-mail template
We will create a professional looking e-mail template for each of your e-mail blasting according to your requirements.

Fully managed e-mail campaign
We will monitor the whole campaign and report will be sent/faxed to you daily/weekly/monthly.

Mailing List Management
Mailing list form will be created and installed into your web site. Personal Online Database will be provided to store your mailing list and the records can be exported for e-mail campaign purpose at no extra charge.

Feel free to contact us to find out the REAL potential of E-Mail Marketing and how eXpress e-Mail Broadcasting Service can benefits you and your business.

Important Note :
Unsolicited Commercial Email is NOT ALLOWED ! Please read the Anti SPAM Policy


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