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Corporate Web Site Management

Still thinking why you should have a web site for your business.
Well, since you are on the internet checking our web site, I supposed you should have an idea what a web site can do for your business. It doesn't cost you much to have web site. If it gives you the opportunity to reach more people or let them know about your products and services, why not give it a try?
In today's competitive marketplace, you ought to have a web to stay competitive.

What would you say if we offered to help you plan, develop and maintain the web site at the price that fits your budget?
Leave your headaches behind and let us manage the company web site for you. We are in business to help your business succeed and we provide the highest level of customer service to make sure you are happy with what you have invested.

We offer two plans for corporate web site management. If you prefer to lower the cost of maintaining your corporate web site but maintain the quality of it, we can offer you a semi managed corporate web site package where you can update the web pages at your own convenience by using our improved version of eXpress Website Builder(EWB). If your budget allows you to go for something better, do select our fully managed corporate web site management plan. We will have a dedicated team to work on your web site upon your request*.

Besides of developing and managing your corporate web site, we do offer internet and search engine marketing services to increase your web site traffic.

You will never go wrong with ICT experts assistance....
Talk to us
and let us help your business forge ahead.


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