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The recent dot-bust has forced many e-business outfits to either shut down or come up with a new strategy that works in a cost-conscious and competitive marketplace. Starting an e-business may seem daunting, but if you make the right decisions in your design, setup and IT company partner, you will certainly improve your chances for success.

If you need advices getting a realistic e-business plan and wondering whether you should build, buy, or rent an e-commerce solution to manage your site's transactions, do let eXpressICT.com be your business partner. We offer fast and effective services that get your online business running at a very reasonable and competitive rate.

We are 1st to offer:

Complete Business Startup Solutions via the Internet
Company formation, corporate online business management, professional web site development, corporate IT planning, financial management and other services you need to run your business effectively.


Web Site Builder with Form Guard feature.
We protect your online business brand and prevent unauthorized automated scripts that may affect business brand.


Comprehensive Online Business Coaching and Web Development Training
Get all the tools and services you need to start selling online at no extra costs. We will have our team to monitor your progress from time to time.
That is what we call support!


Rapid Web Site Development Service
We get your web site ready to go online in 24 hours*


Web site builder with live support to assist you round the clock


Training Center that open 7 days a week
No computer at home, internet connection is too slow or no idea how to use our tools? We provide necessary training to make sure you complete your web site and able to start selling online as soon as possible.


eXpress Online Store
Get a professional looking shopping cart and accept orders online in 24 hours*

- End User support to eXpress ICT Reseller Partners!
You don't need to pay extra to hire your technical team to support your clients, we will do it for you.

If you don't have time to read all these pages but want to start your online business immediately, contact us and we are happy to assist.

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