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About eXpressICT.com
eXpressICT.com is the premier provider of information, communication and technology (ICT) solutions to small/medium businesses (SMB), home-office, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide. eXpressICT.com (eXpress ICT Private Limited -741910-D) is the information technology (IT) part of Universal Global (UG) Group, which has been providing financing, accounting, management services and ICT consultation to companies from small to large private concerns in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, consumer products, retail and wholesale since year 2004.
Top ICT, Management, Finance and Business Consulting Firm
Fast and Reliable ICT solutions provider

If you have the passion to start your online business, we have the tools for you. Our services and tools are widely used by individuals and corporate since year 2005. We guaranteed you will get the best, rapid services and support from us all the time. Customers satisfaction is our top priority and we work as hard as you do, if not harder to make you get the most out of the dollars you have invested.

With the experienced team we have here, we are able to react better to changes, because we understand how a new demand will affect the many parts of IT (especially internet trends) and how to attack it. We offer a one stop solution center to people who wants to start an online business, learn more about e-business and looking for experts to manage their web sites.

We have been eXpressWebDev Group partner since year 2004 and we are working hard to improve our services to serve you better from time to time.

Online business solutions provided by eXpressWebDev Group
eXpressWebDev.com is one of the best Internet Solutions Providers

We have developed IT and web solutions for :
- Multinational Companies (MNC)
- MSC Status Companies
- PKK Class A Companies
- Education Service Providers
- ISO Companies
- Engineering Firms
- Retailers
- Legal Firms
and more..

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