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B2B and B2C Portal Development, Rental and Management
eXpress eBiz Portal (EEP) offers an integrated suite for any supplier-distributor business to expand online without massive marketing and development investment. Namely, it aims to build you an entire online virtual franchise business, with sufficient incentives to attract your current and potential franchisees, associates, retailers, distributors to go together with you.

Franchise Builder is more than a software program, it is a technology, a revolutionary eBusiness concept. It is our vision for the next generation of eCommerce and we wish to offer this to you for you to stay ahead of the game. In essence, EEP combines the functions of all our existing eCommerce components to provide an operation and management platform for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce in any industry.

Franchise Builder technically resolves the traditional online conflict between the wholesaler/supplier and retailers/distributors (who gets the benefits?). While all the distributors' sites share the same centralized product database, each distributor can have independent shop and membership management. Namely, their site stands as a totally independent business. A distributor is to determine the markup, and on receiving orders they can simply push the orders to the wholesaler at wholesale price (and of course the latter dispatches the products to the customers directly). Moreover, the distributor can upload and sell their own special products.

You can either rent a portal from us, resell and market the stores by using your own brand or you can rent a store and list your store into our eXpress B2B Portal for only $4.99/month.

If you are a leader, or a would-be leader in your industry, adoption of our Franchise Builder platform will position yourself to lease out technologically advanced, fully functional eCommerce B2C Web store, with a vast collection of products/services, well organized supply chains, to any distributors, dealerships, retailers in the industry. To this end, you will become essentially an application service provider (ASP).

Your competing edge is tremendous,

  • Low entry barrier for any retailer/distributor to adopt the services. Typically a distributor will pay $58.99-$147.99/month, rather than thousands for an eCommerce site of similar specifications;
  • Each distributor retains its own brand, look, feel, and pricing control;
  • Guaranteed supply chains and real-time transactions, real-time delivery tracking;
  • No marketing for start-ups: A retailer can simply place a computer and display the site to visitors to their shop. The visitors can then browse the catalog from home.  At the bare minimum, this extends the effective business hours of the shop!
  • Enhanced online exposure. All sites are mutually linked to boost Internet search rankings (of individual storefront);
  • Finally, it is not un-common that a distriubtor is supplied from several sources (running our platform).

Functional Summary of EEP
EEP illustrates a general multiple vendor, multiple storefront, full management suite eCommerce system involving the following process:

  • A set of common products managed by a central administrator (the mall operator).
  • EEP goes one step further to ensure the quality of product listings in a shopping mall application. It allows the mall operator to prepare properly a standard catalog on some popular items, such as a printer with a known brand and model. All suppliers who sell the printer will basically sell the same item (albeit at different prices and stock quantities). Thus they can simply utilize the data prepared by the operator (as opposed to upload their own versions).
  • EEP provides you with a unique Reverse Auction push market Strategy: The common products can then be set on Auction for potential buyers to bid on them. The current and potential suppliers can browse the list of bids on any item. Any any stage a seller can opt to match / counter offer the bid and inform the top bidder the offer.
  • A centralized supplier/vendor/distributor/affiliate/reseller sign up module with auto billing, payment and renewal mechanism.
  • A Web-based interface for sellers (or distributors) to select the products (to sell), set prices, stocks, conditions, etc.
  • Premier vendors to upload their own products and images (if not in the common set).
  • On-site, scheduled backend batch import facility to import products files prepared by the admin or vendors.
  • A master mall for customers to search/browse products and the vendors who can offer them.
  • A master shopping cart that dispatches orders to vendors via email and/or to their own shopping carts.
  • A stream-lined order management system for all vendors to follow up.
  • Customers can order the products on the mall or from a vendor's own site.
  • Vendors (or merchants/distributors) to open additional franchise storefronts that display only products they sell (picked from the common set + their own uploaded). This can be a seller's booth within the mall or standalone shop on another domain.
  • Central real-time stock level monitoring on all products.
  • Tracks the number of times that a given product is displayed.
  • Tracks keywords searched by customers for marketing analysis.
  • Advanced Internet search engine feeding + link popularity building mechanism. Support Google Sitemap & Froogle product feed for speedy search engine inclusion.
  • Package (or volume) discount, minimum order, availability, stock set on every product.
  • Account level pricing matrix module for a captive market (available as an add-on).
  • Configurable auction, classifieds, rotating banner ads and instant service schedule modules.
  • Ability to preview, upload and display multiple images on one product. Automatic generation of thumbnail images.
  • Ability to offer custom-built (made-to-order) items based on customers requirements.
  • An alternative Franchise Warehouse mode under which a franchise sells all the common products at retail price and fulfills the order at wholesale price from the master mall with a ONE button transfer.
  • Fully automated in-stock notification sent to customers on out-of-stock items.
  • Instant User Review and Rating system with dedicated backend admin monitoring.
  • Full Web-based Batch Product Import and Export for fast product updates.
  • Pre-configured, built-in support for Instant Payment Notification (IPN) on PayPal.
  • Real-time shipping fee calculation on UPS, FedEx, USPS & AusPost, real-time tracking on all major carriers.
  • On-site multiple-party Message Log for after-sale support, facilitating communications between customer, shop manager, distributor, and account manager.
  • Blind Bidding on dead stocks or accepting counter-offer from customers.
  • Real-time currency converter to any currences, universal language capability (customizable to Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese...)
  • Generate HTML Source Codes for products to post on eBay (auction template), with eBay Checkout Redirect Integration add on.
  • WYSIWYG Online Storefront Customization Wizard eases the creation and customization of a new franchise storefront, ideal to for the franchise to change styles, fonts, colors, texts on the fly (on top of any suitable template for your application).
  • Built-in tracking, reporting, billing, payment and book keeping modules for Sales Commissions (owed to the mall operator by vendors) and Referral Commissions (paid to to affiliates or resellers by mall operator). Batch membership renewal & payment module. This completes the whole system as entirely self-contained.
  • Wireless device support covering all Internet-enabled cell/mobile phones or hand-held scanners.

Standard features such as real-time payment gateway, shipping fee management, membership management, wish list, news letter, online order tracking etc, are all part of the system's standards.


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Portal customization service is available. Let us know your requirements and we will customize the portal according to your business needs

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