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Professional Web Traffic Analyzer
With eXpress ICT Professional Web Traffic Analyzer, you will get to know ;
- User trends and visiting habits
- Search engines' spider that visited and indexed your web site
- Top 10 pages visited
- External links that bring traffic to your web site
- Last 5 pages viewed by your visitors
- Most popular keywords that visitors searched to find your web site
- What search engine leads most traffic to your web site
- Location of your visitors (Country)
- Operating System (OS) of your visitors' machine
- Detailed Analysis Of The Last 20 Visitors
- Top 20 and last 10 referrers
- Hourly Visitor Activity Report
- Resolution of the display used by visitors (Create a web site that fits nicely to your visitors' screen)
- Web browsers used by your visitors (Some browsers render the web pages differently)
High Quality Counter Banner with stealth mode
With Keywords, Search Engines, Country Location Records

A graphical counter, including the option of "stealth counters" that do not display the number of hits to the public.

- Comprehensive statistics updated in real time.
- Option to make statistics publicly viewable or to the user only
- The ability to modify account settings (such as counter style, password, etc.)
- The ability to track both uniques visits and page hits.
- The ability to not count hits from the account holder's IP address.
- The ability to delete stats from the database
- Automated recovery of lost information (such as user id/username/password).
- Optional inclusion in Top10 list of most visited sites using the counter service
- Optional password protected statistics
Professional Web Counter Report
Comprehensive Web Traffic Report


Easy installation and no experience required to get this web counter working. If you have problem installing the counter, do let us know and we will install for you FREE OF CHARGE!

Get this counter for only RM89/year



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